This 35 mile paddling expedition usually takes around 12 hours of paddling time. Included in your package will be gear enough for an overnight stay and two travelers.

Go on an adventurous self guided expedition that will allow you to get in touch with nature through a canoe paddle on the Wisconsin River. This local operator will put you and your canoe in at the appropriate length on the river at Spring Green and the rest will be up to you. Enjoy your leisurely paddle down the river to your destination and make sure to stop on the way, this self guided adventure can take up to two days. Your journey will end when you arrive at the local town of Boscobel, where your car will be parked from your drive out.

Gear included in this package includes:

  • Two person canoe
  • Two person tent
  • Two person comfort package (two sleep mats, two seat backs, one dry bag, one bundle of wood)
  • Two carbon fiber paddles
  • Two canpanions
Gear recommended for you to bring on this trip that is not included:

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, wide brim hat, long sleeve shirt and pants, sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, backpacking stove, pot/pan, cooking utilsils, food / cooler, scouring pad, table, chair, insect repellant, jacket, cap

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