This 60 mile paddling expedition usually takes around 20 hours of paddling time. Included in your comfort package will be overnight supplies enough for two travelers.

Go on an adventurous self guided expedition that will allow you to get in touch with nature through a canoe paddle on the Wisconsin River. This local operator will put you and your canoe in at your launch location after checking in at the Sauk City central offices. After a safety briefing and adventure instruction, you will be brought to the starting drop location on the Wisconsin River. Enjoy your leisurely paddle down the river to your destination and make sure to stop on the way, this self guided adventure can take multiple days.

Please be Aware: There's a nude beach seven miles into your trip that is located across from Ferry Bluff and is river left. You will be ticketed by the DNR if you stop at the beach by watercraft on a weekday. You may stop at the nude beach via watercraft if it is a weekend. There is no camping one mile up and one mile down river from the beach, period. There are usually small yellow signs posted on sandbars that are within the two mile stretch, but not necessarily visible due to vegetation or pranksters. You could be ticketed and will be asked to pull your camp and move on by the DNR regardless of the time of day/night. If you stay river right when you near Ferry Bluff you'll most likely glide right by the beach and not even realize it's there. This local operator sends around 3,000 people past the beach every year and have had no issues, but if you're looking to avoid the nude beach all together please consider pulling out at the Mazomaniee boat landing or paddling out of our Boscobel location (can be arranged after booking).

Please bring an extra set of car keys. While you're on the river the local operator will arrange to get your vehicle moved 60 miles down river to Boscobel. This way when you finish your trip your vehicle will be waiting for you and you can be on your way home that much quicker.

Gear included in this package includes:

  • Two person canoe
  • Two person tent
  • Two person comfort package (two sleep mats, two seat backs, one dry bag, one bundle of wood)
  • Two upgraded canoe paddles
  • Two canpanions

Gear recommended for you to bring on this trip that is not included:

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, wide brim hat, long sleeve shirt and pants, sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, backpacking stove, pot/pan, cooking utilsils, food / cooler, scouring pad, table, chair, insect repellant, jacket, cap

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